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Product comparison for home partition.

The more or the less, there will be home owners who are confused for partition in which materials to be used. We here are going to tell you the benefits of each product that are used for Lightweight Partition in order to choose and use as you desire.

1. Fibercement board

Fiber cement board is the product made from Portland cement & cellulose fiber which is for wall, floor & ceilings that comes with different sizes & thicknesses. On top of that, any Acrylic paint as you like can be applied which resembles like the slab wall & since it is composed of Fiber cement, termite free, water resistant & no decaying.

Estimate price for 100 sq-ft - 285,000 Ks

Products - SCG Smartboard 8mm both side + Frame + Acrylic Paint + Installation Fees

2. Gypsum board

Gypsum board is another product that is suitable for ceiling, wall & partition. If you plan to use this, you have to use Galvanized frame & can’t be used at the areas that are wet. Gypsum board is like the Fiber cement board so it comes with different sizes & thicknesses so you can choose as you need.

Estimate price for 100 sq-ft - 240,000 Ks

Products - SCG Gypsum board 9mm both side + Frame + Painting + Installation Fees

3. Brick

Brick is also common product for partition. The cost will be higher if you want to make brick wall partition in high rise building because of transportation and labor charges.

Estimate price for 100 sq-ft - 265,000 Ks

Products - Brick + Cement + Sand + Paint + Installation Fees

Remark : The price that we mentioned above might be change according to the number of square feet.