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Knowledge for Air-Con

How do we install the air-con to get better air throw?

  • If we install the indoor unit in the right place, the cold air distribution will be good and also makes the people inside comfortable. Thus, the following facts are needed to know for air distribution and being comfortable for the people inside before installing indoor unit.
  • If the air throw from indoor unit is too short, the cold air can't reach to all places. If it is too long, the air throw will return by kicking the wall as breeze. So the best air throw must be third by fourth of the room.
  • People can comfort by locating directly the air throw toward. The indoor unit must be installed to reach the cold air to people with air throw unit from 0.123m to 0.25m per second.
  • If the air flow is high with 0.32m per second rate, it feels like breeze and also high vaporization. So, people inside can't be comfortable.
  • If the indoor unit is installed straight toward the main door, the inside air-con temperature and air throw can be disturbed by absorbing the outside air directly due to the door and also people go in and out.